• Kerry & Brett Wedding Film at Wake Chapel in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina

    Kerry & Brett were married in Fuquay Varina at Fuquay Varina Wake Chapel Church. Every church has its rules about where you can set up cameras in the sanctuary. Wake Chapel is strict about where you can set up and does not allow you to walk around during the ceremony. I set up four cameras and had two shooting down the center aisle and two flanking each side of the chapel. I had no problems getting the shots I needed, but I could have used a different approach. Make sure you check with your wedding coordinator about the rules the venue has for photographers and videographers. I see a wedding as a sacred event and I respect a church’s rules and regulations, but I do like to have my cameras in locations that get the best angle of the bride and groom.

    We shot some footage in a field just around the corner from the church. The field was awesome to shoot in. The sun was just at the right angle and the greenery there is lush. Some of my favorite footage to use is shot during the formal photo shoot. I usually try to shoot what the photographer is shooting, but I will step in and request the bride and groom give me a few poses. I would recommend that you speak with your photographer about allowing the videographer some time to get video footage. Sometimes the photographer overlooks that you have paid to have your wedding filmed. Most of the time, I can shoot from the side of the photographer, but I need to approach the bride and groom at times to get specific shots.

    Highlight Film

    The reception took place at Traine in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was pouring down rain as we arrived at the reception, so we could not shoot outside of the venue and the reception went smooth. Traine is a nice venue and the lighting was bright enough to shoot as the evening went on. Kerry & Brett purchased my wedding film package. I interviewed each of them prior to the ceremony and used the audio from their interviews, the ceremony, and toasts as the audio for the wedding film. Contact me to schedule a time for us to discuss the details of your wedding.

    Wedding Film


  • Cinematic Wedding Film, Raleigh North Carolina

    Affordable Wedding Films, Raleigh North Carolina and Beyond
    What style of wedding video are you looking for? There are wedding videos and there are wedding films. Wedding films incorporate cinematic elements that turn your wedding day footage into a film that goes beyond the feel of a video. I strive for the film style over the traditional wedding video. I incorporate story, cinematography, and post editing techniques. The video that I have featured is about a piece of equipment called a Zhiyun Crane 2. It basically stabilizes the camera during movement. I am gearing up for this wedding season and would love to use the Zhiyun Crane 2 on a wedding. This will require a few things.

    1. The bride and groom need to allow for time to be dedicated to the wedding film. On most wedding I follow the photographer. They are the lead and in charge. I stay out of their way. I can get most of my footage shooting to the side of a photographer, but I will need some time to get cinematic shots of the bride and groom. This will require the photographer to be informed that you want video footage and will need the me to have access to you. In other words, they will need to not get in the shot and shoot from behind me.

    2. Time for shots of just the bride and groom. I use the footage I film of the bride and groom to mix in with the ceremony footage, formal photo shoot, and reception footage. It is crucial to reserve 20-30 minutes for the bride and groom to be alone with the photographer and videographer.

    3. Backdrop is something to think about. Your wedding venue does not have to be extravagant, expensive, and exotic. It just needs to be free of clutter. For example, I have filmed brides and grooms in rooms that were clean and free of clutter. The backdrop fades into the shot because the bride and groom are the focal point. I have filmed in rooms that had unattractive clutter. This type of backdrop does stand out and distracts from the bride and groom. In other words you want the room to be clean and organized.

    I would love to film your cinematic wedding film. Contact me to discuss the details of your wedding.
  • Vickie & Jason Wedding Montage, Raleigh

    Anderson Point Park Wedding Videography & Photography
    I filmed Vickie and Jason’s wedding several years ago. I had originally used a U2 song for their montage. I am now replacing all of the music in my videos with licensed music that I have purchased. This wedding took place at Anderson Point Park in Raleigh, North Carolina. This venue has a large open grassy lawn and a very small reception hall. This is a nice venue for a small budget wedding and a small guest list.

    There are several things I love about this video and several things that I would change. I used several filters and effects on this wedding video. I do not use those filters anymore. I color and add some special touches here and there, but I would not use the filters again. I like my film footage to look as natural as possible.

    The ring shot

    One of my favorite parts of this video is the first look. Vickie and Jason got dressed and had their first look at a friends house. Fun fact, Vickie and Jason were actually already married. They were married overseas, but wanted to have a ceremony here in the states for their family. Vickie slowly came down the stairs as Jason eagerly waited to see Vickie in her white dress. I shot the moment with two camera angles. I also admire how Vickie played the piano for Jason.

    The reception hall was a small space but full of celebration and love. I really enjoy the way Vickie sauntered out of the reception hall to her awaiting car. If you are currently looking for a venue, I recommend you check this one out. I would suggest that you visit the park during the time of day you will have your ceremony. This way you can see what the lighting will be like. Contact me for a free consultation.

  • Hunter & Channing

    Broadslab Distillery Barn Wedding Videographer Benson North Carolina
    There are those weddings that stand out. The wedding of Hunter & Channing is one of those weddings. It stands out because of those magical moments my camera was able to capture. This kiss accented by Hunter’s bouquet is a moment that truly captures the love these two have for one another. I was able to capture this image from the video that I shot. Many people do not realize that I can grab images from my video files. I do have to bring them into Lightroom in order for the size to auto correct, but the clarity and focus is almost as clear as if I had photographed the image.  The venue was also very unique. Hunter & Channing were married at the Broadslab Distillery in Benson, North Carolina. I would recommend this venue, it is very spacious and well lit. I love the color of the wood interior. The room that Hunter got ready in was very spacious and well lit. The room that Channing got dressed in was small and dimly lit. If you have a large number of groomsmen, I would recommend getting dressed in another area. There is a larger room in the back left corner that could be used.

    Hunter & Channing Wedding Photo by Chris Zirkle


    I use licensed music for the videos that I produce.  For many years I used copyrighted songs that the bride and groom selected. I have grown older and wiser. I have decided to not use this practice any longer. I have deleted all of my old videos and am reediting them using music I have purchased a license for. This song is called Reflected Time by Alsever Lake. Are you looking for a Benson North Carolina wedding videographer? Benson is about an hour drive for me, but we do not charge travel fees under a specific distance. Contact me to book your wedding.


  • Emily & Ben

    Emily and Ben were married at Mordecai Historical Park near Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. The ceremony took place outside under a large oak tree. I filmed the wedding ceremony with four camera angles. One of the cameras was set behind the couple. This makes it possible to get the couples face in the frame as I film. I recorded the audio with two wireless microphones. One on the minister and one the groom. Audio is just as important as video. The two got ready at a hotel in downtown Raleigh. I interviewed both Emily and Ben prior to the ceremony. I used their interviews, audio from the ceremony, and audio from the toast for the wedding film. I made a brief teaser video and released it prior to launching the wedding film.

    Here is the teaser video:

    A wedding film is much different than the traditional wedding video. It is a condensed version of the day that uses narrative audio to thread together the video footage. Some bride and grooms are more outspoken than others. Emily and Ben did an excellent job of telling their story. What really sets Emily and Ben’s wedding film apart from others are the toasts that were given.

    Here is their wedding film:

  • Rebekah & Eric’s Wedding Film

    Rebekah & Eric were married at Portofino in Clayton, North Carolina. Portofino is an awesome venue. It has stables, horses, and a beautiful setting for an outdoor wedding. Rebekah and Eric were married under a large oak tree. The audio was recorded off a soundboard set up by the DJ. I also put a microphone on Eric as a backup. It is so important to have quality audio, in addition to quality video. The vows can be heard using the microphone placed on the minister, but I always like to put a mic on the groom to get louder audio. The groom’s mic also helps pick up the vows said by the bride.

    Here is Rebekah and Eric’s Wedding Montage Video:

    The reception took place in the Portofino clubhouse. The venue is gorgeous. If you watch the wedding film, take time to notice the fireplace behind the father of the bride. The outdoor setting is rustic and dimly light. The wedding ceremony and reception settings really helped give the wedding film a scenic backdrop. The locations the bride and groom got ready in were very elegant. The audio from the interviews, ceremony, and reception was used to thread together the footage from the wedding ceremony and reception.

    Here is Rebekah and Eric’s Wedding Film

  • Caroline + Ryan Wedding Montage

    A wedding montage video captures the highlights of the wedding day. Caroline & Ryan were married in Raleigh North Carolina. As a wedding videographer, I meet many couples. The personality of the couple can affect the type of footage I capture. Caroline & Ryan have personalities that are evident in the footage I captured of them.