Hunter & Channing

Broadslab Distillery Barn Wedding Videographer Benson North Carolina
There are those weddings that stand out. The wedding of Hunter & Channing is one of those weddings. It stands out because of those magical moments my camera was able to capture. This kiss accented by Hunter’s bouquet is a moment that truly captures the love these two have for one another. I was able to capture this image from the video that I shot. Many people do not realize that I can grab images from my video files. I do have to bring them into Lightroom in order for the size to auto correct, but the clarity and focus is almost as clear as if I had photographed the image.  The venue was also very unique. Hunter & Channing were married at the Broadslab Distillery in Benson, North Carolina. I would recommend this venue, it is very spacious and well lit. I love the color of the wood interior. The room that Hunter got ready in was very spacious and well lit. The room that Channing got dressed in was small and dimly lit. If you have a large number of groomsmen, I would recommend getting dressed in another area. There is a larger room in the back left corner that could be used.

Hunter & Channing Wedding Photo by Chris Zirkle


I use licensed music for the videos that I produce.  For many years I used copyrighted songs that the bride and groom selected. I have grown older and wiser. I have decided to not use this practice any longer. I have deleted all of my old videos and am reediting them using music I have purchased a license for. This song is called Reflected Time by Alsever Lake. Are you looking for a Benson North Carolina wedding videographer? Benson is about an hour drive for me, but we do not charge travel fees under a specific distance. Contact me to book your wedding.


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