Light Leaks Effect

I use light leak effects in some of my wedding videos. I will admit that I when a bit overboard with them on this wedding. I had just gotten some new light leaks and wanted to play around with them, so I was having a bit of fun. I generally leave my videos natural and without effects. I will tend to ask my customers if they have a preference. I would assume that people would generally not mind some effects here and there and especially if it adds aesthetics to the video.

Wedding receptions can be several things. They can be conservative and formal, they can be wild and fun, or sometimes full of surprises. For example, Santa Claus showed up to this reception and danced with the bride. I have never seen that before.This particular wedding was festive and full of laughter and dancing. I will make a note here about photographers. Wedding photographers are the lead on a wedding, not the videographer;however, the videographer needs to get their shots. We just need to do so in a way that does not get in the way of the photographer. The photographers on this wedding were professional and aware that I needed to capture my footage. We worked very well together. I was able to position myself very strategically during this reception to frame my shots. The toasts, the wedding cake cutting, and dancing footage was easily captured without interfering with the photographers getting their footage.

The venue and the DJ lights made for an awesome backdrop for the reception footage. The Broadslab Distillery in Benson, North Carolina is a venue that I would recommend to couples to consider as the venue for both the ceremony and reception. There are nugget venues all over Wake and Harnett county. My advise is to look for them and look for them early so that you can get the date and pricing you are looking for. Contact me if you would like to discuss your wedding.

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