Vickie & Jason Wedding Montage, Raleigh

Anderson Point Park Wedding Videography & Photography
I filmed Vickie and Jason’s wedding several years ago. I had originally used a U2 song for their montage. I am now replacing all of the music in my videos with licensed music that I have purchased. This wedding took place at Anderson Point Park in Raleigh, North Carolina. This venue has a large open grassy lawn and a very small reception hall. This is a nice venue for a small budget wedding and a small guest list.

There are several things I love about this video and several things that I would change. I used several filters and effects on this wedding video. I do not use those filters anymore. I color and add some special touches here and there, but I would not use the filters again. I like my film footage to look as natural as possible.

The ring shot

One of my favorite parts of this video is the first look. Vickie and Jason got dressed and had their first look at a friends house. Fun fact, Vickie and Jason were actually already married. They were married overseas, but wanted to have a ceremony here in the states for their family. Vickie slowly came down the stairs as Jason eagerly waited to see Vickie in her white dress. I shot the moment with two camera angles. I also admire how Vickie played the piano for Jason.

The reception hall was a small space but full of celebration and love. I really enjoy the way Vickie sauntered out of the reception hall to her awaiting car. If you are currently looking for a venue, I recommend you check this one out. I would suggest that you visit the park during the time of day you will have your ceremony. This way you can see what the lighting will be like. Contact me for a free consultation.

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