Wedding Films

A wedding film is a 10-20 minute condensed version of the footage captured from the wedding day. The audio from the bride and groom interviews, ceremony audio, and toasts thread together the video footage. The length of the film really depends on how verbal the bride and groom are during their interviews and the length and quality of the toats.

Wedding Photography

I have filmed weddings for over ten years. My true passion is photography. I want to cross over from being a wedding videographer to a wedding photographer. I am offering an attractive price and including an engagement photoshoot to all of my wedding customers.

Love Story

When I film a love story I interview the bride and groom, to be. I ask them questions that draws the story of how they met, fell in love, and became engaged to be married. I usually film it a location of their choice. I also film some b-role footage that I use to lay over the interview segments.