• Katie + Aaron

    Katie and Aaron were married at Carrollock Farms in Willow Springs, North Carolina. The venue is perfect for outdoor weddings. Katie and Aaron tell their love story in the following wedding film.
    Wedding Montage

    Wedding Film


  • Rebekah & Eric’s Wedding Film

    Rebekah & Eric were married at Portofino in Clayton, North Carolina. Portofino is an awesome venue. It has stables, horses, and a beautiful setting for an outdoor wedding. Rebekah and Eric were married under a large oak tree. The audio was recorded off a soundboard set up by the DJ. I also put a microphone on Eric as a backup. It is so important to have quality audio, in addition to quality video. The vows can be heard using the microphone placed on the minister, but I always like to put a mic on the groom to get louder audio. The groom’s mic also helps pick up the vows said by the bride.

    Here is Rebekah and Eric’s Wedding Montage Video:

    The reception took place in the Portofino clubhouse. The venue is gorgeous. If you watch the wedding film, take time to notice the fireplace behind the father of the bride. The outdoor setting is rustic and dimly light. The wedding ceremony and reception settings really helped give the wedding film a scenic backdrop. The locations the bride and groom got ready in were very elegant. The audio from the interviews, ceremony, and reception was used to thread together the footage from the wedding ceremony and reception.

    Here is Rebekah and Eric’s Wedding Film

  • Caroline + Ryan Wedding Montage

    A wedding montage video captures the highlights of the wedding day. Caroline & Ryan were married in Raleigh North Carolina. As a wedding videographer, I meet many couples. The personality of the couple can affect the type of footage I capture. Caroline & Ryan have personalities that are evident in the footage I captured of them.

  • Kelly + Richard Wedding Montage

    As a wedding videographer, I get to film all over the state. Clayton, North Carolina has a few venues that I have filmed wedding at. I have filmed about five weddings at Amelia Chrisitian Church. The church has a balcony that I ussually film from in addition to multiple cameras in the sanctuary. I ussually plug into their soundboard and place a microphone on the groom.

    Kelly & Richard’s recpetion took place at the Country Club of Johnson County. I love filming at golf courses because of the senic backdrops.